The Friends of the New Hanover County Library held the 2017 annual meeting on Nov. 14 at the Northeast Regional Public Library. For more information, including the bylaw changes and the 2018 slate of officers approved by attending members, see

Friends Board Members

Our History

The New Hanover County Friends of the Public Library was founded in 1976

STAFF: The organization has no paid staff members but have an active board of directors. We boast a membership ranging from 500 to 700 members in any given year. The downturn in the economy in recent years has put us on the low end of the range. 

Depending on individual skills and interests, volunteers may provide refreshments at library programs, greet and direct visitors to library events, represent the NHCPL at community and statewide functions, shelve books at their local library branch, or participate in our legendary book sales. Whatever tasks they perform, FOL volunteers’ greatest contribution is advocacy as they champion the role of the library in our society through words and actions.

OUR SUPPORT: We are the only organization in New Hanover County that, through massive volunteer efforts, is able to provide our library with as much as $125,000 a year in funds to augment their government funding, from the proceeds of the book sales and money from members' dues. In this time of government cutbacks, these funds are more critical than ever.

YOUR SUPPORT: How can you help?  In addition to becoming a member of the organization, we need donations of good, clean, saleable books, DvD's, & CD's. We need volunteers for the work of the book sales both year round and in the weeks of the book sales, and new Board members to work on our programs, advocacy and the book sales.

"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries."   ~ Anne Herbert

We have a simple mission: To provide an avenue for people interested in the library to advocate for the library and offer volunteer as well as financial support to the library. 

Volunteer:  Anyone interested in becoming a member can pick up a membership application at any branch of the library. If you are interested in contacting the Friends to volunteer or with a question, please visit our, Get Involved page or call the Friends office at  (910) 798-6319 and leave a message.

What We’re Doing

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President:  Hathia Hayes

1st Vice President:  Barbara Honchell

2nd Vice President:  Linda Lowe

Treasurer:  Janet Bailey

Acting Recording Secretary:  Margie Hickman

Membership Secretary:  Daphne Driskill

Past President:  Patti Bonner

Library Foundation:  

Randy Johnson

Patricia Matson

Jam Riemersma

​Kathy Sartarelli